How to Use a Multimeter to Measure Resistance, Current & Volatge

A multimeter is an electrical tool that can be used to measure the resistance, voltage, and current of a circuit.

However, some multi-meters used to measure frequency. Mainly, there are two types of multimeters.

One is analog and the other is digital.

Controls and terminals of a Multi-meter are

  1. Select required the function (voltmeter, ammeter,ohm-meter)
  2. COM Input Terminal
  3. Volt Input Terminal
  4. 200 mA Input Terminal
  5. 10A Input terminal

How to use a multimeter to Measure Resistance?

A multimeter can be used to check the resistance of any electronic component.  Turn on the meter and select the resistance to measure resistance measurement.

Now, insert two wires in the jacks labeled V-resistance and COM. A digital multimeter can be used to calculate the resistance of two connected wires.

How to use a multimeter for Voltage Measurement?

First of all, remove all the connected wires. Turn ON the meter and select V – for DC voltage or V – mode for AC voltage. Insert a red wire in the jack labeled VΩ and a black wire in the jack labeled COM.

But, when measuring voltage, a special voltmeter is connected in parallel to the circuit components around which the voltage is measured.

How to use a multimeter to Measure Current?

If there are wires already connected then 1st of all, we remove all connected wires. Likewise, Turn ON the meter

but, here select A for ammeter mode. Insert a red wire in the jack labeled “A” while the black wire in the jack labeled COM.

Thus, to make current estimates, make sure that the ammeter is aligned with the parts of the circuit in which the current is estimated.

Connect the multimeter in series with the circuit for current measurements and in parallel for voltage measurements.

A multimeter is switched to an alternative current(AC) can be called an ac circuits. So, Observe proper dc polarity when checking dc.

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