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The best non contact voltage tester of 2021 is one that allows the quickest way of checking electrical current in the outlet, switch, or in a wire in a safe mode. We reviewed the top voltage detectors that are just incredible withholding premium features and excellent performance capability. But detailed research on these tools shows that the most leading is Klein Tools NCVT-3, with the most stunned and fabulous features.

Comparison of Top Best Non-Contact Voltage Tester in 2021 & Buying Guide

Klein Tools NCVT-3

The Klein NCTV -3 is a non-contact voltage tester with several excellent features. This dual range model can detect both low and high voltages accurately. Specifically designed for all environmental conditions, no matters it a wet or dirty. It has an integrated flashlight feature, voltage detector sensors, irrigation system, and much more included.


Dual-range Model

This non-contact voltage tester holds a dual-range model, so it tends to detect low and high voltages accurately. Further, a LED bar graph present on its side shows the exact dealing of voltage. Hence, choosing it means no need to buy separate voltage testers for detecting low and high voltages.

Built-in Flashlight

Sometimes you may face dark areas where inadequate light such as crawl spaces, above ceiling-mounted lights area, and attics. Here for proper working, you have to required adequate light transmission. This feature is added to it by keeping the shady area’s problem in mind. You can also use it as a standalone tool and work with complete safety assurance. it is best for electronics

Non-contact Indicator

The most premium feature that makes it the best non-contact voltage tester is its AC voltage detection without any physical connection to the wires; this detection occurs in audible voltage and visual bar graph form on the LED. Further, the higher and closer the voltage source sensed, the more LEDs light bright.

Dust and Waterproof

It comes with an IP67 rating, and it can withstand falls from 6.5 feet. Besides, this device can submerge up to one meter of water. Hence, you can use it for both wet and dirty environment without hassle or obstacle. Further, this rating and withstanding capacity shows that it is both dust and waterproof voltage tester.

Pros & Cons


  • Independent flashlight
  • Dust and waterproof production
  • Independent flashlight
  • Indicator for battery life


  • Breakable or fragile battery cap
  • Beeping sound becomes irritating sometimes

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Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert

The Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert non-contact voltage tester is a unique product due to its promising features among homeowners and professional electricians. Secondly, the design holds specific safety operations and volt beat technology. Safe, accurate, and easy to use, this volt alert tester gives you error-free detection and reading. Furthermore, it works awesomely only by just touching the tip and terminal strip of the tester.


Easy operations

It is effortless to operate the tester due to mini-sized and light in weight property that enhances its controls’ effectiveness. It has power-saving manufacturing, so it works in the long run as day to day use without any disappointment in working. Continual visual indication is accessible through it, making operating easier. For safety concerns, it rated CAT IV 1000, which adds more protection to you and your device.

Pocket-sized tester

This feature makes it an excellent tester with an incredible detecting range between 90V to 1000V AC. It is also available in a low voltage model 90V AC from the 20V for controls circuits. Specially designed for carrying in your shirt pocket, this pocket-sized tester allows quick test at home and in the workplace for energized circuits.

Beeper sound and tip glowing

As the voltage detected by the tester, it produces beeper sounds, and this sound is loud enough that you can hear it smoothly and clearly. You may disable the beeper operation when you are using it in quiet environments; hence, it is totally up to you how you are comfortable using it. Moreover, the tips start blinking or glowing red; this determines that it is working correctly.

Pros & Cons


  • Continuous self-testing
  • Easy to carry tester
  • The beeping sound is in control.
  • Added protection by CAT IV 1000
  • Wide-detection capability


  • Lack of dual-range detecting feature
  • Middling manufacturing quality
  • Vulnerable to some extent

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Klein Tools NCVT-2

Klein Tools NCTV-2 an optimized non-contact voltage tester that tests both low and standard voltage, respectively. It is convenient in ease of using and keeping. By reviewing its premium and outstanding features, you will choose it without uncertainty.


 Standard and low voltage detector

If you have ordinary expectations from the voltage tester, this Klein NCVT-2 is the best option. Because it holds both low and standard voltage detecting features in it so that you can use it for dual purposes, it also contains two testing ranges, 12-1000v and 48-1000v AC; this feature makes it unique among other traditional testers.

Uniquely designed

This easy to use tester has a unique design with remarkable features. First, its bright LED lights making more comfortable to see in brighter areas. Secondly, designed it to clip it with your pocket or belt and maneuver it anywhere you move. It holds a flashlight feature, which makes voltage testing easy in dark areas.

Easy to operate

This all-in-one tester lets the easy-operate ability to different functions. For starting, you have to press the red button on top. A beeping sound produces, and a flashlight turn confirms tester start working. Its tip is more extended and flatter, so you can insert it fully into outlets. Finally, the red light intensity will indicate the voltage types.

Pros & Cons


  • Dual-range testing function
  • Beeper and displaying features
  • Enhances the operator’s safety
  • Flashlight for working in dim areas
  • Easy to port


  • Inconsistent voltages reading for multiple outlets testing
  • It couldn’t detect very low voltages

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Greenlee GT-16

If your life mostly centers on electricity, choosing a Greenlee GT-16 non-contact voltage tester is just incredible. Due to its comprehensive applications, this universal tester gained space in the best non-contact voltage testers list—besides, useful for the whole life and ideal for performing daily applications.


 An adjustable tester

It’s an adjustable tester that allows you to adjust different parameters for handling several kinds of applications. For example, you can use it in low voltage circuits, home lighting, power wiring, and thermostats very efficiently. So buying it for once means you will enjoy the best experience for the whole life.

Wide purpose use-ability

As it holds comprehensive applications, so it goes beyond just detecting the voltage and current existence of any outlet. You can use it to find outbreaks in the wires and spot hot and neutral conductors in your homes. Hence, it is going a long way in increasing or adding comfort to your own.

Low-battery Indicator

Last but not least feature is a built-in low-battery indicator. The indicator will alert you in case the battery power down below the acceptable levels. This feature will save sudden switching off tester while working, so you may continue it without interruption. Furthermore, this indicator also recommended repairing in case any error showed by the device.

Pros & Cons


  • A handy tool for comprehensive applications
  • Excellent low-voltage detector
  • Able to identify neutral and hot conductors
  • Easy to use a multi-purpose tester
  • CAT IV compatible at 1000V


  • Only for professional applications
  • Transportation is difficult than other testers

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Milwaukee 2202-20 Voltage Detector

Milwaukee is another best non-contact voltage tool for working in dim or low-illuminated areas. With several fabulous features, it comes as the top-selling product in the market. Moreover, some additional functions and features of this product that make it an ideal choice for you are as:


Built-in Bright LED

Built-in bright LED lighting mechanism it offers tackling of the voltage within a specific time. This feature lessens the chances of inaccurate measurement even you are utilizing it at night time. Clearly results visibility ensures the accuracy of the tackled voltages. No matters the voltages are of standard or low type.

Durable Tip

A pretty durable tip enables you to check all power outlets quickly. Besides, without any faltering, you can handle several cycles of operation due to it. Even you haven’t required money to spend on it, because its durability saves from repairing or extra maintenance. Further, it gives the room that added more convenience while taking measurements.

Pocket Clip

Specifically designed by keeping in mind of easy transportation feature. A pocket clip is that feature that helps you in attaching the tester to your pocket. It makes easy retrieval and transportation of the tool. This feature added safety to the device in your pocket, so it will never fall even you bend for some reason. Plus, you may carry it any-where with you effortlessly.

Pros & Cons


  • Best for detecting a wide range of voltage
  • Buttons are smooth to push
  • The indicator has a green power ·
  • A pocket clip for easy handling
  • Bright LED for clear visibility
  • Easy to transport


  • Batteries replacement is difficult
  • Unable to detect some surfaces
  • Slow operations performing tool

Neoteck Non-Contact Electrical Tester

Neo-teck is a universal non-contact tester that detects voltage on almost every piece of equipment by its expert crafting. This unique characteristic stands it as a great tester among others. It offers you a maximum level of security and safety so that you can use it fearlessly. It is well-known for its wide range of voltage readings capability among professional electricians.


Wide-detecting range

This advanced non-contact voltage tester holds a vast range detecting capacity of 12-1000v ac; hence you can test voltages of all home appliances effortlessly. Secondly, this stunning product delivers outstanding results with 100% clear visibility and accuracy to you due to the most effective detection powers.

Dual-range tester

Both low and standard voltages are detect-able with it that makes it a dual-tester. However, the low voltage appliances are detected more fastly than the standard ones by it. So we mostly preferred this universal tester for low voltage devices.

Emergency LED flashlight

Another added feature to this premium tool is an emergency LED flashlight. It lets you convenient working no matters the environment is bright or dark. Further, it ensures your security and safety concerns while working at midnight by illuminating your work area.

Pros & Cons


  • Brightly shined LED tip
  • Faster detecting low voltage
  • Illuminate the working area
  • Easy to use and portable device
  • Super LED light for clear visibility.


  • Highly sensitivity level sometimes causes skin issues
  • Less defined functions

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Buying Guide for Best Non Contact Voltage Testers

A toolbox isn’t complete without the voltage tester. For easy operation, non-contact voltage testers are the best option to avail. However, some essential factors or features become necessary to consider first before buying them. Our buying guide will explain these features/characteristics briefly.

Building quality matters a lot when it comes to voltage detecting tools because they indicate the resistance. The best-recommended tester gives you an IP67 rating; this rating will mean that the tester constructed durably with waterproof manufacturing building material.

Excellent battery life timing will provide fearless working without any interruptions. So for longer battery life, choosing the model that holds the automatic shut-off feature is perfect. With this feature, not only your battery life saving takes place, but at the same time, it will provide safety by shutting down when the tester is not in use.

Next, an adjustable sensitive factor is necessary to detect the voltages faster and a reliable function. With this feature, you may catch the lowest voltage easily, just by depending on the adjustments.

No doubt, all the above factors are essential and are necessary to consider before buying a tester. However, on top of that, is the budget-friendly or affordability factor? If you have to buy for only home use, then choosing a simple tester would be enough. Or, for professional services, choose the dual-range tester.


No doubt, safety is the most preferred element when it comes to electric work. By keeping this feature in mind, we reviewed only those non-contact voltage testers that ensure complete security regardless of working on nights or in dim lights. Further, all are the least expensive tools with holding superb features; hopefully, this makes choosing process faster.

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