12 Best Fluke Multimeter Reviews 2021 – Best Budget Multimeters You’ll Ever Buy

Digital Fluke Multimeter is best for use and improves the working power in electrical work. For this reason, we reviewed the products of fluke and all models of multimeter, but, this Fluke is a good brand in the type of Multimeters and best for the electrician use. All types of electricians can use this for testing and measuring electricity.

Fluke Multimeters of 2021 is simple in design and shape, so all the people use mostly this for electrical work. It best brand and option for the electrician to use.

What is the Best Multimeter Fluke Brand?

Best Fluke Multimeter, best multimeter 2020

Therefore we reviewed and found the list of Top 10 best Fluke multimeters for use. Thus, you can check and read the features, pros, cons & photos of these multimeters to select the best one of your choice that you like more.

Here, are reviews of the latest top 10 best fluke digital multimeters of 2021 that can use be used in multi-works like electrical, electrician, electronics hobbyist, HVAC, automotive, and home use & home depot.

Overview of Top 10 Best Fluke Multimeters 2021

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter (Best Overall), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020
Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter (Small size), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020
Fluke T5600 Electrical Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester (Easy use), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020
Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter (Best design), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020
FLUKE-101 Digital Multimeter (Good battery Life), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020
Fluke 289 True-RMS Logging Multimeter –You ever need for electronics problems, best fluke multimeter 2020, best multimeter 2020
Fluke 77-IV Automotive Digital Multimeter (good overall), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020
Fluke 15B+: Best Cheap Fluke Multimeter, best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020
Fluke 113- Best Fluke for Electronics, best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020
Fluke 17B+ Best Value Fluke Multimeter, best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020
Fluke 117 True RMS MultimeterCheck Price5 out of 5 stars
Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp MeterCheck Price5 out of 5 stars
Fluke T5600 Electrical TesterCheck Price4.7 out of 5 stars
Fluke 87-V Digital MultimeterCheck Price5 out of 5 stars
FLUKE-101 Digital MultimeterCheck Price5 out of 5 stars
Fluke 289 True-RMS Logging MultimeterCheck Price5 out of 5 stars
Fluke 77-IV Automotive Digital MultimeterCheck Price5 out of 5 stars
Fluke 15B+: Best Cheap MultimeterCheck Price5 out of 5 stars
Fluke 113- Best for ElectronicsCheck Price5 out of 5 stars
Fluke 17B+ Best Value Fluke DMMCheck Price5 out of 5 stars

1. Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter (Best Overall), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020

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All the electricians prefer to use the Fluke Multimeter or Digital Fluke Multimeter especially in this era of 2021 for electrical & electrician work. even so, this model of fluke 117 has a very cheap and seem small backlight LED. However, it is suitable for the detection of voltage and current in all places as well as poorly dead areas of wires and circuits.


True RMS

The Fluke 117 True RMS Multimeter is powered with unique and straightforward shapes to give full accuracy in measuring electricity. Accurate RMS technology is helpful for the detection of current and voltage in the wires and circuits.

In addition, it is simple in use with a secure handling system. All the electricians want to sue this for electrical work due to its simple and comfortable design.

Volt Alert

It is good to check the voltage at all poorly areas as well as the ghost places in wires. Because it has a simple system of volt alert technology. It is helpful to check and make contact at the non-contact voltage place.

As well, the Fluke 117 True RMS Multimeter is simple in form and accuracy for its use, especially to detect voltages. Thus, you can prefer this small size multimeter for use. It has an auto volt detection system to check AC/DC at given rates.

LED Backlight

The Fluke 117 is also a useful feature of its unique display and backlight LED. It is quite helpful to give full accuracy and strength for use.

Although, its digital display is also large enough with an excellent LCD to show a reliable reading. The backlight LED is too good to help in all poorly places use. It makes the system suitable for work and is good for reading, measuring, and detecting voltage.

Pros & Cons


  • Perfect display
  • Heavy-quality
  • Huge performance


  • Weight is high

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2. Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter (Small size), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020

More Photos & Price on Amazon

A Digital Clamp Meter is best for accurate detection of current (amp clamp) and voltages. But, it has low battery power and long term performance.

However, its display is quite good and excellent with shape. It has a unique sensor to detect all the current and temperature. Overall, it is safe and comfortable to use in simple, reliable ways.


Full Safe Instrument

Fluke 323 True RMS has the power of complete safety and full detection security with a clamp meter used for HVAC. Moreover, it is unique in its use and accuracy for all time work without any problem.

Additionally, it is also helpful for the checking of the problem in wires and circuits. After all, it is quite suitable for troubleshooting all of the issues. This is simple and unique for the electrician to get for use in electrical work.

Clamp Meter

It has a sound clamp system for an easy and reliable way. This Fluke 323 clamp is best and helpful for easy hanging on the wall and measurement.

Moreover, it is simple and easy to use with one hand. It is good to give accuracy in current and voltage detection. The accurate RMS system is an excellent addition to comfortable and attractive reading.

Small Size

The size of Fluke 323 Multi-meter with the function of clamp meter is elementary and slim in shape and design. However, it is helpful and easy to use and detection of current and voltage with single-hand operation.

To boot, this size is right to give a smooth and straightforward design and improve work efficiency and its using strength in work.

Overall, this Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp meter shows reliable performance to detect any troubleshoot problems. It has an excellent power-off function for long term use and improves quality as well. This has a significant battery life for long term use with a single charge.

Pros & Cons


  • Accurate Clamp system
  • Unique design
  • Simple size


  • Battery life is less.

3. Fluke T5600 Electrical Multimeter Tester

Fluke T5600 Electrical Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester (Easy use), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020

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It is another excellent and reliable Fluke T5600 Current Tester with its automatic function and useability system. But, its design is not as good as other fluke multimeters.

Furthermore, it is best for the resistance to measure at up to 1000ohms. Therefore, Fluke T5600 has another sound system of the optional holster to give a test lead holder.


Automatic Function

It is suitable for use with simple and all automatic functions. Therefore, it detects the voltage and checks all the AC/DC in its automated function system.

AND, All the things make T5600 excellent for use in all-time work and checking the voltages in all ghost places. So, this fluke multimeter is best for the electrician and also helps for troubleshooting.

Easy Use

It is quite good with its assembly. So, it is helpful for its full easy use. All the people can use it to measure the current and detect voltages quite easily in a simple way.

However, it has an optional holster, which helps work at any angle and position as well. It is good to give full accuracy and strength for testing. Consequently, it also works as a test lead holder and as a tester.

Best Connection Option

It is good to give full accuracy for long term connections. Moreover, it has a reliable performance in all the way and improves working ability. All the electricians also prefer this Fluke T5600 for use with its good power of connection and better improvements.

Although, it is better to use as compare to the solenoid tester. Thus, it is the best option and useful for measuring and troubleshooting all the electrical problems.

Pros & Cons

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  • Better connection
  • Perfect made instrument
  • Good quality and design


  • It has not accuracy for the detection of voltage.

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4. Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter (Best design), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020

More Photos & Price on Amazon

Fluke 87-V is a simple and digital multimeter. But, it is suitable for use reliably and straightforwardly. It is best for the troubleshooting of all-electric problems. But, it is not ideal for a poorly place to detect the voltages. But, it is simple for use.


Heavy-duty Work

It is also called a Fluke voltage meter because it measures the voltage too. the Fluke 87-5 v system works most beneficially. Although Fluke work in a way to decrease the energy and help to maintain the action in the right direction. The frequency and voltage measurements in an accurate way.

Overall, its work and design of the multimeter give good accuracy for proper work experience. This is built-in with the perfect thermometer setting to control all the functions in a single process.

Good Design

The LCD placed in this multimeter fluke 87 V shows excellent and extensive size readings. The large display of the Fluke also helps in the natural work power with a small effort.

Further, The Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter 2021 has two backlight helps in the work with bright functions. This is the best true RMS fluke multimeter to detect AC voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals to give a good result. The efficient use of analysis also helps in the proper work experience.

Good Battery Life

It is equipped with a powerful battery. The life of the battery is also good with its robust form and give full accuracy to use Fluke 87-V review for a long time. It has a reliable 9V battery with perfect recharge power. Moreover, it helps with measuring electricity and testing the circuits and wires. It is best for use to detect voltages at all ghost areas.

Pros & Cons


  • Good battery life
  • Perfect quality and design
  • Good Price


  • Small LCD for reading

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5. FLUKE-101 Digital Multimeter

FLUKE-101 Digital Multimeter (Good battery Life), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020

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It is the best multimeter with its function and design to improve all working ability. Ask the same, this does not work quite excellent like others. However, it shows better results. It is small in size and easy to assembly.

Consequently, the Fluke-101 Digital Multimeter is best for you to use and detect the voltage and current in wires and circuits.

Moreover, it is versatile in its function and useability for long term work to check resistance, current, and voltages also the temperature as well.



It is small in its size and pure in its work power. However, it is quite enjoyable to use. It is easy to use at all places with simple movement and transfers from one to another site.

Fluke-101 is the best multimeter for electricians, they can easily use this for all positions as well as ghost areas. Moreover, it improves the working power for long term use and improves work efficiency.

Continuity In Work 

It is suitable for all time use and working. It has the power to use for all time without any problem in it. Moreover, it detects and tests the voltage and current very quickly.

Fluke 101 has useful features for testing the electricity in all circuits as well. The design is sufficiently durable and robust enough for work.

Sturdy Design 

The multimeter of Fluke-101 is made with a sturdy look and design. Most people and good electricians want to use and get a digital multimeter with a sturdy look and excellent design features. The superb color scheme and feature power of the full LCD setting help to make a sturdy design multimeter.

Pros & Cons


  • Best multimeter
  • Easy assembly
  • Good tester


  • May be low in quality at some instant

6. Fluke 289 True-RMS Logging Multimeter

Fluke 289 True-RMS Logging Multimeter –You ever need for electronics problems, best fluke multimeter 2020, best multimeter 2020

More Photos & Price on Amazon

If you are interested in fluke multimeter but you are facing the problem of poor calibration and dustless, high-Quality Assurance, Then, you are at the right place Fluke 289 True-RMS is the best budget fluke multimeter for an electrical technician with updated software.

Moreover, A reliable meter with useful features, such as data logging and readings, awesome build quality & design. Also, Fluke 289 is used for For professional troubleshooting serviced, and commissioned industrial equipment, to continuity test and excellent data logging multimeter.


Fast Testing Time

It works with log dc voltage and resistance at regular intervals. The fluke connect Bluetooth device that is a great function with the color LCD. The screen is a bit low contrast,

But, the recording functions make testing something over a period of time to be a big time saver due to super-fast responses in the testing in microseconds. Also, having good quality and best for money to ease use for everyone.

High Performance

This is a high-quality assurance performance for industrial logging the latest fluke multimeter. This Fluke Connect-compatible DMM is designed to solve complex problems in electronics, plant automation, power distribution, and electro-mechanical equipment.

Because the Fluke 289 True-RMS is compatible you can set it with a wireless connector to communicate with any smart devices via Bluetooth function to monitor readings. It doesn’t need any Computer connection for the readings.

So, by using smart devices their reading can be shared with everyone, it can help you solve problems faster and minimize downtime.

Other useful features

  • Provides o view and analyze reading data in 14x zoom to capture in-depth that shows clearly.
  • sometimes, the input signal changes rapidly, so for this purpose, an AC filter added so that it can display steadier readings.
  • The readings percentage change has a specific threshold & recording is adjustable that can be set easily.
  • Multiple logging sessions can be saved because their storage value is up to 15000.
  • Contains a low pass filter for true voltage and frequency measurements at the same time on adjustable speed.
  • Features of large count and on-board help screens for measurement functions
  • Automatically time stamp saved readings
  • It can work at low ohms or capacitance measurements.
  • Offers an optional magnetic hanger for easy setup and viewing, while, on the other hand, is free.

Pros & Cons


  • high performance industrial
  • Fastest continuity
  • Reliability
  • Easy to use


  • Limited warranty
  • May be Reading calibration problem at some instant

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7. Fluke 77-IV Automotive Digital Multimeter

Fluke 77-IV Automotive Digital Multimeter (good overall), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020

More Photos & Price on Amazon

The Fluke multimeter has a versatile meter for services and repair But, here we are providing information about Fluke 77 digital multimeter which has the features to repair most electrical and electronic problems.

As well, It has a good design, safe to use with a large display. It measures frequency, capacitance, resistance, continuity, and a wide range of measurements. It has an average responding measurement of (alternating current) AC is 0.3% accuracy.


High Accuracy

Fluke digital multimeters are designed to provide precision and accuracy.  Its voltage range suits well for plc, electronics, and automated service circuit systems troubleshooting. Same as it is well suited for field technicians and automotive (car) mechanics.

In addition, this multimeter has handled many wiring jobs on various diesel trucks without any fault. It is a solid meter with great performance. It is a reliable excellent design feature.

Easy to Use

It is simple in design and easy to use with accurate and precise reading. This meter is excellent for any digital multimeter for fluke automotive use or electrical technician use individual.

Also, It shows the display in the darkness, because, of this specific function it has an option to check the voltage frequency at any time. It does have a Beep feature during the checking continuity. This is the perfect volt-ohmmeter for automotive work and home use.

Pros & Cons


  • Reliable
  • Excellent in quality
  • Best accuracy
  • Large display
  • Backlight feature for dark areas


  • Maybe Expensive
  • No True RMS

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8. Fluke 15B+: Best Cheap Fluke Multimeter

Fluke 15B+: Best Cheap Fluke Multimeter, best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020

More Photos & Price on Amazon

This is one of the Best Fluke Multi-meter for the money and best budget for the electrical & electronics students: the Fluke 15B Digital Multimeter (DMM)

The Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter is a cheap multimeter due to which it is affordable, powerful, heavy-duty work, yet, it is also lightweight and a single person can use it easily. This device has the right features and well designed and builds for china users but other countries like the US, UK firm. It has a large display screen and excellent testing features.

Best Multimeter 2021 of Fluke Brand

It offers testing voltage, high input impedance, continuity, resistance & capacitance. The Fluke 15B+ digital multimeter can also be used for the testing of the diode. It does not need any pen, paper to note its data,

because, you can store any data or information by taking a different type of test like frequency, voltage, impedance…etc

Furthermore, if we talk about its quality then it is worth saying that it has good quality with the best cheap DMM, also the fluke brand never compromises its safety standards.

Likewise, other fluke  Multimeters, 15B+ Digital Multimeter is also simple in looking, easy to use, reliable, nice dial, sharp display, and high reading accuracy. So, you can say it is a perfect Multi-meter.

Some Silent Features

Here we discuss some other silent features of Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter for beginners and learners that satisfy you to buy the fluke multimeter

  • Large display with backlight
  • can work in dim light
  • Voltage, high input impedance, consistency, resistance, and capacitance
  • Holds data for later use
  • Diode test
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Light and compact
  • continuity

Pros & Cons


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Cheap in price
  • Good Battery of AA type
  • portable and single-hand usable
  • Saves data and info
  • Rated safe


  • Warranty is not honored by Asian counties
  • Instructions in Chinese

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9. Fluke 113- Best Fluke for Electronics

Fluke 113- Best Fluke for Electronics, best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020

More Photos & Price on Amazon

The next one is Fluke 113 True-RMS multimeter which is best for electrical and electronics work

This device Fluke 113 Multimeter is able to test a large number of spectrums for electrical work. It can measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, and also measures continuity & test diodes. One of the best features of this device fluke 113 multi-meter is that it can test the voltage and continuity together, not, separately as compare to other devices.


True-RMS Technology

Therefore, it is much convenient due to its best features. Besides, these functions and features, the fluke 113 True-RMS Multimeter have both manual and auto-ranging for fast tests and readings.

Thinking about its precise reading, you can ensure that its reading gives us precise and accurate value, the fluke 113 multimeter also have True-RMS technology.

Excellent Performance

If you give some input value then it will give you accurate and precise output while measuring linear or nonlinear loads where the current or voltage has a sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal waveform.

Hence, It is perfect for everyone to use this multimeter like medical machines, batteries, electrical wires, and to check power generations.

As a result, the Fluke 113 True-RMS Multimeter is the best budget with its features like large LCD, simplicity, high efficiency, well designed, and affordable.

Some Silent Features

Here are a few other features of Fluke 113 True-RMS Multimeter that is the best budget

  • Lightweight and well design; easy to use
  • Large LCD
  • Voltage, resistance, continuance, capacitance
  • Diode tests
  • True RMS Technology
  • Auto and manual ranging
  • Check voltage and current continuity simultaneous

Pros & Cons


  • Compact and portable; single-handed use
  • Precise and accurate readings
  • True-RMS
  • Reliable
  • Will check voltage and continuity simultaneously
  • Safety rated


  • Frequent inaccurate readings for voltages

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10. Fluke 17B+ Best Value Fluke Multimeter

Fluke 17B+ Best Value Fluke Multimeter, best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020

More Photos & Price on Amazon

The last one best true-RMS Fluke 17B+ Digital multimeter is graceful in our list that is very popular and reliable Multimeter

This FLUKE 17B+ Digital Multimeter is a prefer above the 15B+ Digital Multimeter, which we reviewed. This device is approximately similar to all aspects and the appearance is totally the same as 15B+ Digital Multimeter.


Accurate Measurement

Mostly, this device Fluke 17B+ Digital Multimeter 2021 is used to measure all basic tests: for instance, frequency range, capacitance, and accurate measurements. Also, Fluke 17B is the best budget fluke multimeter which measures the capacitance of a capacitor.

However, temperature measurement makes it an ideal multimeter. When we test an object then it will show reading automatically, that why it does not need any manual adjustment. it’s pretty convenient.

Well Design

If we are talking about construction, then it seems that it is well designed and builds up smoothly. It is used for single-handed due to its lightweight.

Therefore, Some people wear gloves using this Fluke Multimeter while on the other hand, some people think that it doesn’t need to wear any gloves. It has also a large LCD Display with a backlight and one excellent feature is a leg-stand so that the device can stand on a flat surface and can be used easily.

consequently, Fluke 17B+ Digital Multimeter is used for both HVAC and home-work usage & depot. It is a very simple hand tool, compact, and manages that give us very accurate results. It is really a nice multimeter.

Silent Features

Let us, Find out the Silent Features of latest Fluke 17b+ Digital Multimeter of 2021 that every HVAC expert want

  • Lightweight
  • Large LCD with backlight
  • Auto-ranging
  • Measures temperatures
  • Tests microamp range easily

Pros & Cons


  • Single-handedly
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Has a back stand function
  • Auto-ranging
  • Measures temperatures


  • Manual and instruction only in the Chinese language
  • Limited lifetime warranty

How to choose which multimeter is perfect for you?

Before investing in one of the best multimeters you can find their features and multimeter reviews, ask yourself the following: What do I need? What do I want to use this product? How often will I use it? Will it be helpful in my daily work or home use? How much accuracy do I need? These are just a few examples of questions that can help you make the best decision. If you are a regular user then it is understandable that you do not have the best multimeter for the money to buy a multimeter.
So, if you are a professional electrician or mechanic, it will be worthy for you and this investment will give you fruitful results, because you will be able to do your work by using a multimeter of your requirement


To sum up, if you are a worker and work in the electric field as an electrician. So For this, you need a multimeter of Fluke to detect current and voltage and test the circuit. However, you are worried about getting the best one with its excellent features and quality of using power.

As a result, the Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter is the best to pick for you to use in electrical work with its long-lasting effects. additionally, Fluke Multimeter is very accurate, precise reading, and comes with a pretty good temperature range.

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter (Best Overall), best fluke multimeter, best multimeter 2020

More Photos & Price on Amazon


1. What is the best Fluke Multimeter for electricians?

Fluke 117 is the best fluke multimeter for electricians.

2. Is fluke worth the money?

 A multimeter brand Fluke is worth it. It is the most reliable, cheap, and best response time as compared to other multimeters.

3. What is the best multimeter to buy?

Our Top 10 Best Fluke Multimeters Reviews

  1. FLuke 117- True RMS overall Best, For Electricians
  2. FLUKE T5600- Electrical Voltage, Continuity & Current Tester
  3. Best Fluke 87 V- design Digital Multimeter
  4. FLUKE 101- Good battery Life, Digital Multimeter
  5. RMS Fluke 289 -True Logging Multimeter
  6. Fluke clamp 323- Best clamp Meter True RMS Meter
  7. For Cars FLUKE 77- Automotive Digital Multimeter
  8. Cheap FlUKE 15B- Best Budget Fluke Multimeter
  9. Fluke 113- Best Fluke for Electronics
  10. Best Value Fluke 17B Multimeter

4. Why Fluke is expensive?

Fluke is expensive because it works at

  1. High voltage
  2. Explosion resistance
  3. Reliable
  4.  The input stage is better designed.

5. Is Fluke a good brand?

Yes, Fluke is the best brand all over the other brands, because, it gives precise readings, accurate measurement, high quality, and, excellent performance

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